RESPOND is the first accelerator program that promotes both responsible leadership and sustainable business models in line with the UN 2030 Agenda.

In 2022, the RESPOND Accelerator Program will look into innovations that contribute to a regenerative economy. We will specifically focus on the following three areas of action:

Our current "take-make-use-dispose" economy absorbs far more resources than earth can provide.

That’s why we at RESPOND are keen to see innovative solutions that promote the responsible and equitable use of resources, ranging from circular economy approaches to the development and use of sustainable materials .

The production of goods is too energy- and transport-intensive, while their consumption is too fast.

Consequently, we at RESPOND want to see models that encourage fair and sustainable production and consumption patterns; whether by reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions, extending the lifecycle of products, creating local supply chains, or trough other promising solutions.

Global warming and loss of biodiversity are already affecting many communities and natural habitats.

We at RESPOND are therefore interested in innovative, tech-based approaches that support the adaptation and regeneration of ecosystems and communities. These can be, for example, early warning systems for changes in environmental conditions as well as solutions to cope with rising temperatures or rising sea levels.