RESPOND is the first accelerator that pushes for the transformation towards a regenerative economy and promotes responsible leadership.

We are an international startup accelerator program that systematically advances how entrepreneurs lead, grow, and scale sustainable businesses. We support founders through coaching and mentoring, leadership development, our global network and brand visibility – free of charge and without taking equity.

Out of 5.000+ screened ventures and 1.000+ applications, 30 startups from 13 countries were selected for RESPOND so far.

For 2023, we’ve defined three crucial leverage points to move our systems towards a regenerative economy. We’re looking for the leaders behind innovations that:

We’ve hit the limits of planet earth.

Creative, tech-based approaches that support the adaptation and regeneration of ecosystems. These can be, for example, solutions to mitigate climate change impacts and help ecosystems to adapt and regenerate. We see huge potential in emerging technologies that capture carbon, reduce waste, and promote biodiversity while addressing the scarcity of resources.

The industry logic of take-make-waste is failing us.

Solutions that encourage fair and sustainable production processes - whether by reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions, extending the lifecycle of products, creating local supply chains, or through other innovative approaches. Founders can contribute to this in several ways: from promoting transparent supply chains, to implementing circular resource flows, to designing sustainable processes and materials.

The economy is designed to prioritize profit.

Innovative answers to our systemic crisis that help us rewire business and finance, redesign processes and governance models, and fundamentally align economic activity with planetary and social wellbeing. From decentralization, web3 and A.I. to community-driven ecosystems and democratic participation, we’re on the lookout for technological answers to systemic problems.

Applications for the RESPOND 2023 cohort open on January 09 and close on February 06, 2023. After thoroughly evaluating all applications, finalists will be announced in April.

Please refer to the FAQs on the link below if you have questions about the program or your application – or get in touch with us directly via email or during one of our upcoming Q&A Sessions on January 16 and January 30,2023 – links via social media.

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