At RESPOND, we believe that a strong network is key to the success of our accelerator program. We cooperate with top-tier venture capital firms to give the startups the opportunity to present their businesses and receive a follow-on investment. We also maintain strong ties within the startup and impact ecosystem to increase the exposure of the startups we work with.

We are constantly growing our network. Get in touch if you feel like your logo should be here!

ANANDA Impact Ventures

Bayerische Beteiligungsgesellschaft

Bayern Kapital


Earlybird Venture Capital

Freigeist Capital

Munich Venture Partners

MustardSeed Maze

Unternehmertum Venture Capital Partners

Purpose Ventures

√úbermorgen Ventures


Partech Partners

Social Entrepreneurship Netzwerk Deutschland

Bundesinitiative Impact Investing

Impact Hub

1E9 Community

European Venture Philanthropy Association


Digital Hub Mobility

KfW Stiftung

Segal Family Foundation

Sharkbite Innovation