Our mission is to drive the transformation of our economic system through sustainable innovation, regenerative businesses and responsible leadership.

Our vision is a regenerative economy. A fair and inclusive economy within the planetary boundaries. An economy that thrives on regeneration rather than exploitation and prioritizes human wellbeing.

Complicated? Ambitious? Absolutely.

RESPOND promotes new ways of doing business, systemically. We drive technological and business model innovation to accelerate the transition towards sustainability and regeneration across different sectors and industries.

The RESPOND Accelerator program supports founders from across the globe to accelerate and scale businesses that contribute to the transition towards a regenerative economy. We center our efforts on leadership development, providing entrepreneurs with the space they need to take a long-term, systemic perspective to building businesses that positively impact planet and people.

Together with our entrepreneurs, our global networks and cutting-edge research and insights, we build momentum towards a new way of doing business.

The BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt promotes responsible leadership and inspires leaders worldwide to work towards a peaceful, just and regenerative future. It inspires leaders across communities, cultures and countries through its leadership programs and connects them through its global BMW Foundation Responsible Leaders Network, a global community that drives positive change. It uses and promotes impact investing and venture philanthropy as effective tools for social change. Through these activities, the BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt aims to advance the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations 2030 Agenda.

The Foundation´s vast network of responsible leaders, corporates, investors and third-sector entities offers a rich platform for founders and entrepreneurs.

UnternehmerTUM offers founders and startups a complete service, from developing the initial idea to registering intellectual property. A team of experienced entrepreneurs, scientists and managers support founders with the development of their products, services, and business models. The experts provide them with personal guidance on building up their companies, market-entry, and financing – including via Venture Capital.

The RESPOND accelerator program is backed by the whole UnternehmerTUM ecosystem, and benefits from the expertise and network of its tech startup accelerator program, TechFounders.